Victorian Contract Multi Pack (3 for price of 2)

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The Contract packs are essential for dealing with sub-contractors. Always use a contract! Every contracted job needs to be covered by a relevant contract. Contracts put you in control of the project and allow you to stipulate terms and conditions and payment. Contracts make dispute resolution easier on the job.  Contracts are mandatory when owner building, you would not buy a house without a contract of sale why invest thousands and thousands of dollars with tradies and not have a contract with them?

BS 5 Exempt works - These are when you are using plumbers, electricians, plasterers

BS 6 Minor Domestic contracts - Under $5000 for the 5 main trades – carpenters, roof tiles, cabinetmakers, brick layers and concreters

BS 8 Major Domestic Contracts - Over $5000 requirement under the Building Act for the 5 main trades

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