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About Us


Australian Owner Builders have been providing specialist services to owner builders since 1987. Over the years we have supplied thousands of owner builders with the tools to successfully complete their new home, renovation or extension.


Our motto ‘if you fail to plan you plan to fail’ is never more important than in the building of your home.


Australian Owner Builders long ago recognized the trials and difficulties that Owner builders can go through if they are not organized.


This is why we have developed our comprehensive website for your benefit – to make life easier, with less hassles and problems.


Do not think that building is an easy process but it can be if you are prepared and organized, we aim to help you in this endeavour.


Read through each section of the website and you will gain an understanding about owner building. Take advantage of our range of services we have available to make it easier for you to get the home of your dreams.


Did you know?

You are one of many who each year build and renovate their home in order to save money and have the home that they want.


Over 40,000 Australians decide to Owner Build each year – 3,300 new Owner builder projects each month. 


This highly motivated building segment contributes approximately $7.6b to the national economy and keeps a high proportion of trade’s people in employment.

Owner Building satisfies two of the most treasured elements to most Australian lives:

  • Firstly, it is creatively and physically satisfying. Building or renovating your own home to your own specifications and budgets is fantastic. Home ownership is Australian; and
  • Secondly, as a rule Owner Builders can save approximately 38% over a project home or trades managed renovations. 38% straight back into your pocket. Owner Building is financially rewarding, creates family wealth and builds homes as well as houses.

Our, aim is to provide information to the public of the tools and resources of the building industry; so that we can help you complete your project successfully. Whether you are thinking of owner building a new project or just renovating an existing one, this site can guide you on the right track towards working and completing your project.


Australian Owner Builders have been providing specialist services and information streams to Owner Builders since 1987. In other words we know something about Owner Building.


In the many years we have been helping owner builders, we have found that those owner builders who invest their time and money prior to starting are the ones that save their money at the end.


The Online Store is a great place to start your project, and provides you with resources that will help you manage your Owner Builder project.


Happy browsing through our website, and happy building your Owner Builder project!