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How To Save Real Money From Owner Building Your Home

Owner building can be one of the most rewarding experiences you could undertake, but it can also be a daunting proposition. Thankfully, there is one publication out there to help you understand the process and get it right the first time.


The cost of housing has grown exponentially over the last decade in Australia. As a means of reducing costs and taking personal control

of one of the biggest investments anyone will make in their life, more and more people are turning to owner building.

As an owner builder you effectively take on the role of project manager for your dwelling. By doing so, you will be able to create your dream home to the finest detail, and by taking control and undertaking some of the leg-work yourself, you also have the opportunity to save substantial money.


Frequently Asked Questions

I can hear you asking “ How much will it cost?” To build what? It all depends on the design and the finish required. Buy the book and it will guide you to your answer.


While many people are interested in owner building, some hesitate due to a perceived lack of building experience. The good news is that there is actually a wealth of information out there, but nothing as comprehensive as this book - all in one place.


What is accelerated living?

What is a building line?

What is a chair?

It’s all in the glossary of the book!


A Book for Owner Builders from Australian Owner Builders

Australian Owner Builders has been helping owner builders with information and products for over 20 years. The publication, with over 170 pages on How To Save Real Money From Owner Building Your Home was launched with the purpose of showing prospective owner builders how straightforward and achievable the process can be.


Property owners have the legal rights to control the construction of their own home enshrined in legislation. While owner builder regulations do vary form state to state, the opportunity to be an owner builder is available in every municipality in Australia.


How To Save Real Money From Owner Building Your Home outlines what benefits can be achieved by controlling your own project, while at the same time explaining your legal obligations and responsibilities.


The structure has been created to logically take you through the decision making process involved, to successfully complete your project. It is not designed to be a complete building manual and only seeks to explain the roles of all industry players and where they will fit into your project.


How To Save Real Money From Owner Building Your Home is produced to leave you with a thorough understanding of what is involved in being an owner builder before you make decisions.

It covers all sectors affecting owner building including:

  • Government, council and authorities
  • Planning and design
  • Permits
  • Definitions
  • Dealing with contractors and subcontractors
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Inspections and certificates
  • Budgeting and finance
  • Payments and disputes
  • Insurance


People who are planning to owner build need to equip themselves with as much knowledge as possible before they make decisions on their project. Enthusiastically jumping into a project may seem like a positive thing to do, but one bad decision can cost money, lengthen the project time and create stress. How To Save Real Money From Owner Building Your Home has been specifically created to provide that information in a logical format and ensure you have discussed and confirmed what you want to achieve and how to go about it.


Sneak Preview

Read or download your copy of “Securing the Australian Dream” to read a small section of the first chapter of How To Save Real Money From Owner Building Your Home



14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Too much to show you so we want you to use the book because it will save you time, money & hassles.

Therefore we’re offering a full 14 Day Money Back Guarantee if it’s not as good as we say!

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