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What you need to know – QLD


Queensland laws for Owner Builders are designed to protect and support Owner Building. It is important you become familiar with your obligations as an Owner Builder.

On Owner Builder permit is required to act as an owner builder for works over $11,000.

Residential building work is the only type of work able to be performed under the Owner Builder permit.

Construction of farm buildings can be undertaken if the value is not more than $27,500.

Multiple dwelling or buildings for commercial purposes are not permitted.

You cannot personally carry out any building work which involves Plumbing, Draining, Gas Fitting or Termite Management works unless you hold the appropriate occupational licence.

You may only carry out the building work as stated in the permit.

If you engage anyone to carry out building work, the person/s must hold the relevant BSA contractor’s licence.

You must have a licence to undertake any fire protection work higher than $1,100.

You must display an owner builder sign on your site.

Owner Builders are restricted to one permit every 6 years.


Applying for an owner builder permit:

Owner Builder Permit Application form

  • An original copy of a current title search from the titles office
  • Proof of a completed owner builder course, or exemption approval
  • Proof of identity
  • The application fee


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