Australian owner builders




What you need to know – SA

South Australian laws for Owner Builders are designed to protect and support Owner Building. It is important you become familiar with your obligations as on Owner Builder.


Under the development Act, Owner Builders proposing to undertake building work must:

  • Obtain a Development Approval.
  • Lodge all copies of certificates of indemnity insurance for building work to be undertaken by a licensed building work contractor with the council before commencing the last stages of building work.
  • Notify the council at prescribed stages of the building work.

  • Advise the council of the name and contact details of the person who will be supervising the building work undertake the building work in accordance with the approved documents.
  • Submit a signed Statement of Compliance (Schedule 19A) to the relevant authority on completion of the building work.
  • Complying with all the relevant regulations that apply to the construction.


Want to know more:…./Owner_builder_responsibilities-under_the_Development_Act_1993.pdf