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What you need to know – TAS

Tasmanian laws for Owner Builders are designed to protect and support owner building.  It is important you become familiar with your obligations.

In Tasmania the owner builder must be the owner of the land and must be in a person’s name and not in the name of a company.

Owner builders are able to undertake work on residential projects, as long as they do not exceed more than 2 projects every 10 years.  Commercial owner building is not permitted and farm sheds are already exempt from owner builder registration.   It is important to note that each project requires a new owner builder permit. 

Owner builders will now be required to obtain owner builder insurance, the fees and insurance requirement as the same as a licensed builder. Owner builders will be required to complete an owner builder course and obtain a white card for health and safety construction training.

Some smaller projects such as small sheds and outbuilding may be exempt from owner builder registration, but as a rule you should always check with your building surveyor to be sure you comply with the legislation.


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