Australian owner builders




What you need to know – WA

In Western Australia Owner Builders are required to apply for approval from the Building Services Board before the application for a building permit from the local government. The requirement for Owner Builder’s, are proof of identity and ownership, and a fee.

Owner Builders are required to obtain a permit for all works valued over $20,000.

Owner Builder are restricted to one building permit every six years.

Owner Builders are permitted to carry residential works and small commercial buildings with a floor space of less than 500m2 that is not detached house, class 10 building or farm building.

Owner Builder permits can only be issued to individuals and not corporations or trusts.

Owner Builder Application Checklist:

  • All Owner Details supplied
  • Proof of ID for all owners attached
  • Property details attached
  • Evidence of ownership attached
  • Project description provided
  • Building Plans provided
  • Evidence of competency attached
  • Declaration signed and dated by all owners
  • Payment made


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